Los-t Angel-es

Yea it is funny but absolutely true. You can get lost in LA. People, music, food, beach, and so much more.

Day 1

So we flew in the afternoon from London and landed late evening. The city is half an hour from the airport so you can get Uber or Lyft depending whichever is cheaper. Most locations in US, Lyft is cheaper especially with pool option. Landing at night got us in the time zone easily as the time difference was around 8 hours. P.S LA has Uber Eats.


Day 2

The first place on our sight seeing list was the Griffith Observatory. If you love hiking, then this is the place for you. Go in the morning to see sunrise or in the evening for sunset. The view is spectacular. Also keep in mind to sort out your transport beforehand. It is difficult to find a cab because of network issues. The observatory had amazing views of the mountains and of the entire city. We also saw the Hollywood sign from here.


The next stop was Hollywood Walk of Fame. After walking for about a mile, we gave up in finding any famous actors. But the neighbourhood was busy and entertaining. As we were staying in Hollywood, we walked back to the hotel. Apparently we were told Marlyn Monroe stayed in the same room as ours. After a quick tea break, we left for Santa Monico beach. It was crowded like crazy. The pier had a 100 things to do from food, slushies, churros, arcade games, rides and so on. It was not hard to find vegetarian food. The water at the beach was really cold but people were enjoying the sun in their sun chairs. There was a shower and changing rooms were on the pier. From Santa Monico, Venice beach was 5 minute drive. If you are going with family, try and avoid to go in the evening, you will smell strange things. However sunset is quite pretty on this beach. We came back to the hotel and went to Subway for dinner. Also bought some crisps from 7even Eleven.



Day 3

First stop was Universal Studios. We bought tickets only to save the queue and get a faster entry. This place was like a city in itself. So much to do and see. We first wanted to take the Studio Tour and we made the right decision as it was not that crowded in the morning. We saw the Jaw studio, Fast and Furious ride, Jurrasic park ride, cars used in movies, lights and effects used in different shots. It was amazing to see the life size Hogwarts. Being a potter head, I could not get over it. But honestly I enjoyed WB studios in London more than the Harry Potter world in Universal Studios. We also enjoyed the animal show where trained animals interacted with the audience. We also saw the owls used in Harry Potter movies. One thing to keep the budget for is the food and drinks inside the studios. A refillable glass of soda costed us $17 and one donut was around $20. Also going to Universal and not buying souveniers is not happening. So keep budget for that as well. One day is more than enough for Universal Studios so if not keen not get sucked into buying two day pass. We finished at around 4 pm so went to the farmers market to try some local food. There was a chinese place which served amazing pad thai. This place has everything you want from snacks, icecreams, yogurts, to burgers, pasta, pizza and you name it. We also spent some time exploring the local supermarkets for local junk food for our journey from LA to Vegas.


Also we always took pool in Lyft or Uber and we did not just save money but also saw the places live and the neighbourhood. We saw some pretty houses on hills and some high rise buildings. We met a yoga teacher and a TV show script writer. It was pretty cool.


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