Los-t Angel-es

Yea it is funny but absolutely true. You can get lost in LA. People, music, food, beach, and so much more.

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Peace in Varanasi

OMG! What should I tell about this place! It is the balance of life, of birth and death, of happiness and sorrows, all at one place. People pray at the same Ghaats where dead is burned. This city of India celebrates Life at its best.

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Love in Paris

When you hear the word Paris you think of love and the it does not disappoint you. Everything about this city is pretty, elegant and stylish. Vintage architecture and modern fashion, it is a blend of past and future. The most i loved was that it is for everyone – staying in luxury hotel or a small bnb flat. Your experiences will be completely different and that proves how much this city has to give to its tourists.

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